What is Samadhi yoga?

Yoga has a spiritual aspect. It consists of an eightfold path. The final one is Samadhi. This is a state of higher consciousness which is also referred to as enlightenment. 

A yogi who has been through seven limbs of yoga and has experienced the benefits from all gets ready for the final stage of yoga which is samadhi. In this stage, the practitioner reaches the highest state of consciousness and unites with the greater whole. Though we are trying to explain it, you must understand that Samadhi is not something which can be easily explained in words. It has to be felt and experienced.

What is Samadhi?

Samadhi can be defined as a state of complete union of a soul with the infinite spirit. As explained in the Yoga Sutras of Maharishi Patanjali, Samadhi is the 8th and final stage in the system of eight-limbed Ashtanga Yoga. There are various stages of Samadhi which have been explained in the latter part of this article.

To reach the state of Samadhi, a yogi has to put in a lot of dedication and spend a lot of time in training and meditation. It is about going deep inside and exploring unconquered areas within ourselves. It is believed that there is a divine connection of each individual soul with the Supreme. To feel this connection, you have to learn to practice Samadhi. You have to be consciously present and feel the connection from within. Nobody can force you to do it unless you truly want to experience it.

Can Samadhi be a part of your daily life?

To many, Samadhi seems like a practice which is not suitable for their busy life. They believe that they may have to give up a lot of things to fit Samadhi into their life. But, the fact is that you can practice it right from your home without having to go any class or without spending too much time. 

You can live your life normally and practice Samadhi yoga. Eventually, you will start to discover yourself and get in touch with the pure spirit within you. You will start feeling your connection with the universe. You will start believing that everyone has a pure spirit within them and you give judgment,  jealousy, and every other negative trait. This will push you further into a state of higher consciousness and connection.

How to practice Samadhi in Yoga?

You can’t really practice Samadhi. It will happen with time and patience. You cannot force it to happen. We can, however, begin the process of Dharana or concentration with effort. With regular practice of meditation, getting into a state of higher consciousness becomes a possibility. This can happen effortlessly if you believe in it. 

Stages of Samadhi in yoga

There are various stages of Samadhi Yoga and each stage leads to your true inner self. This inner self is not related to any name or form. It is not easy to explain. It has to be felt. As you go through each stage, you’ll get to know the concept better. 

All the stages of Samadhi can be classified into three stages, which are as follows:

1. Sabija Samadhi

At the Sabija Samadhi stages, the mind still holds on to the subtler aspects of life. The stages of Sabija Samadhi are Tarka, Vichara, Ananda and Asmita. As the yogi progresses through these stages, he/she leaves behind the subtler aspects of life and declutters his/her mind.

2. Nirbija Samadhi

Nirbija translates to seedless. At these stages of Samadhi, the mind is free of any content. The mind gets cleared in the earlier stages of Sadhana. 

3. Dharma Megha Samadhi

At this stage of Samadhi, the yogic practitioner frees himself from all worldly sufferings and karma. This eventually leads to kaivalya which is the stage where the yogi experiences absolute liberation or enlightenment.

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