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Anahata Yoga – Awakening of the Heart Chakra

Anahata Yoga is one of the most practiced forms of yoga today. Practitioners from all over the world take classes to learn this practice and make it a part of their lifestyle. So, what is it that makes this yogic practice so popular? Let’s find out. 

What is Anahata yoga?

Anahata Yoga is a form of hatha yoga which comprises of asanas, meditation, and pranayama aimed towards the opening up the Anahata chakra (heart center). The Anahata chakra is one of the seven main chakras which is located at the heart of the human body. It is related to love, compassion and acceptance. 

Awakening the chakra will make the yogi compassionate and it will eventually open up higher levels of consciousness for him/her. Besides opening up the Anahata chakra, practicing Anahata chakra improves body posture and allows the life force or prana to flow freely through the body. 

Origin of Anahata Yoga 

Anahata Yoga falls under the category of Hatha yoga which is one of the most popular branches of yoga in modern-day. Hatha means “force” in the Sanskrit language. Thus, this form of yoga puts great importance on bodily movements.

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What is the objective of Anahata Yoga?

The primary objective of Anahata yoga is to open up channels for energy flow to the yogi’s heart. The various breathing exercises, postures, and meditation techniques used in this yoga incite the energies within and awakens the heart. 

How is it practiced?

Before starting the practice, the yogi has to set an intention for himself/herself. After that, he/she has to sit in a comfortable position (preferably squatting on the floor with legs crossed). Now, the yogi has to focus on the breathing. Once done with the breathing exercises, you need to do a set of poses for stimulating the spine and opening the heart. 

Anahata Poses

Anahata Yoga is a combination of comfortable sitting poses, standing poses, balancing poses, and meditation. For a better understanding of the different poses in Anahata yoga, read the following:

1. Ustrasana

Ustrasana or camel pose opens the heart chakra and chest. Not just that, it also strengthens the arms, the shoulders and the spine. It is beneficial to the practitioner not just physically but emotionally as well.

2. Bhujangasana

Bhujangasana or cobra pose makes the back stronger, arouses the circulatory system and opens the heart chakra. 

3. Matsyasana

While Matsyasana or fish pose opens the heart chakra, it is ideal for improving the flexibility of the spinal cord and making it stronger.

Benefits of Anahata Yoga

1. Anahata connects the lower and upper chakras. Opening the Anahata chakra and stimulating it is extremely beneficial for the mental, physical and emotional well being of the practitioner. 

2. The benefits of Anahata yoga are not limited to the heart. It is good for the chest, arms, and lungs too. It improves blood circulation and cures several ailments.

3. It helps the mind and the heart to get rid of feelings of loneliness and unworthiness about self. This keeps your mental stability intact and you remain happier.

4. Your body and mind get open to greater awareness and you connect to yourself like never before. 

5. You get rid of negative feelings and start looking at the bright side of life.


When the heart chakra is open, you can get access to higher consciousness. Your heart chakra has a healing power that releases love and kindness. By practicing  Anahata yoga, you open your heart chakra not just to yourself but to others around you as well. This is what makes it so important. 

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