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What is Kula Yoga?

Kula in Sanskrit means community. Kula Yoga is a term used by yoga practitioners who like to do yoga practices in groups.

Yoga has always been a practice to be performed in a group. Although it is practiced individually by a lot of people. The benefits of practicing yoga in a community are much more powerful than solo practice. In ancient India, there was a practice of doing yoga in groups. It was done to make sure that the yogi was doing it right. Practicing in groups meant that they could get their postures and alignments corrected by fellow practitioners. It was a win-win situation for all. That is the concept behind kula yoga.

However, that is not the only reason for practicing yoga in a community or group. There’s a lot more to it. You’ll get to know about it as you keep scrolling down.

Modern yoga communities

In the modern-day, there are a lot of yoga studios and places where people come together and learn the art of yoga practice. These are places where yogis get to come together and perform what they call “kula yoga” or group yoga. It is done under the guidance of a professional trainer. 

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Benefits of Kula Yoga:

There are a lot of benefits to practicing kula yoga. Here are some of them:

1. Feel the group energy

If you’ve ever been to a yoga class, you know what I’m talking about. There is miraculous energy flowing in a yoga class where practitioners come with a positive mindset. This is something you will rarely find anywhere else. The energy from others in the group will make you feel more energized and spirited. This is certainly an advantage in practicing yoga together.

2. Develop consistency

The one thing that is really bad about practicing yoga alone is that it can be monotonous sometimes. You may want to take a break from your regular yoga routine from time to time. However, if you are practicing it in a group, you’ll hardly ever feel that way. You will feel motivated to come to the practice every day. You can even be a motivation for others to show up to the classes regularly. That is how you can leverage yoga practice in a group.

3. Help the community

When you are working or exercising in a group, you naturally help others from time to time. The same applies to yoga practice. When you are practicing yoga in a community, you help others achieve their goals while they help you achieve yours. This can build a helping nature in you which goes into other aspects of your life.

4. Stay out of the house

Practicing yoga in a class means getting out of the house for some time. This can be a wonderful experience as you get to meet new people and socialize. You can enjoy the time out of the house and when you get back home you will find yourself in a much better mood.

5. Make friends

When you become part of a yoga class, you get to know a lot of people who share the same interests as you. This helps you find new friends and build new connections. Sometimes it can lead to lifelong friendships. If nothing at all, you will find the encouragement and the zeal to keep practicing yoga.

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